Don’t await the outbreak….

In general hospitals are aware of the importance of maintaining a high level of hygiene, where cleaning, floor mopping, hand-washing etc. are top priorities. However, Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) occur at hospitals with even the highest level of hygiene. The infection rate in the U.S. is 722.000 people pr. year. For Australia and Denmark that number is 200.000 and 54.000 people pr. year respectively. For the U.S. that results in up to $33 billion preventable annual expenditures, while for Australia and Denmark that number is $600 million and $162 million respectively.

There are various solutions on the market to use when an outbreak has occurred, but the UVD Robot helps prevent an outbreak before it happens. Improve patient safety levels and work environment today – get a sales quote by filling out the form on the right.

Our customers in most scenarios can obtain a return of investment in less than one year.

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